Welcome to my research website. I currently work at Sound Training in Temple Bar, Dublin (soundtraining.com) as Director of Education. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss opportunities related to Sound Training.

I completed my PhD at NUI Maynooth, Ireland in 2011.
My PhD research was funded by IRCSET and NUI Maynooth (Hume Scholarship).
Details of my publications and teaching can be found at the links above.


My main research interest is headphone based audio.

As sound travels from source to listener (in a typical listening environment), it is altered in several ways. It is filtered by the complex shape of the ears, it reflects off walls and objects in the listening environment and takes time to travel through the air. These alterations vary with the location of the sound source, relative to the listener.

I am interested in how we can locate sound sources in our auditory environment, and how sound sources at particular locations / moving sound sources can be artificially recreated.

Although this research focuses on digital signal processing algorithms and software development, I am ultimately interested in the creative application of my work.